Wdupload.com Premium Features

  1. Unlimited Download Speed
  2. 1TB cloud storage
  3. Premium download: Instant and Resumable
  4. Extended amount of bandwidth
  5. Upload large files: Upload up to 10GB sized files
  6. Set passwords for shared links

How to activate wdupload premium key, premium account?

To upgrade your account with the voucher key please follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Login to your account.

Step 2 - Click the upgrade button on the header or click here https://www.wdupload.com/premium

Step 3 - Select a premium package and click buy now or click here https://www.wdupload.com/premium/payment-details

Step  4 - Click the option Voucher and there enter or paste your voucher key and click Redeem Voucher.

If you face any issue in upgrading your account with voucher feel free to contact us again.


What is Wdupload?

Wdupload is your online storage space (your Internet Hard Drive), where you will be able to store, access, share and back up all of your files and data. You'll be able to store any file type and file size.

Why should I use Wdupload?

Wdupload is the only online storage storage company that offers storage for all your data. Our easy to use web Interface gives you instant access to all of the data stored on your account. That is: documents, files, photos, music, video, contacts information, favorite sites, and your daily tasks and events. Wdupload offers many solutions for your data. Store your data online, and have a convenience of accessing it anytime-anywhere, protect it from computer crashes and viruses, and easily share your data with anybody.

Upgrade to WDUpload Premium to Unlock extra features

Unlimited Download Speed: Download without waiting time and ads

1TB cloud storage: Just enough Wdupload storage space for your files

Premium download: Instant and Resumable download at faster speed

Extended amount of bandwidth: Download without waiting time and ads

Upload large files: Upload up to 10GB sized files

Set passwords for shared links: Only people with the password can access your links